Three Quick Tips When Traveling to Bali

Bali, a tropical island filled with sunshine, sandy stores, sparkling azure waters and tropical greenery. A dream holiday at its best and an experience that should not be missed.

Of course when travelling to Bali, there are a few tips you should take note of to help you plan your holiday and make the most of your time there. There is a lot of information online you should have a look at prior to booking your holiday, do simple online searches and then look for a site that offers you the most information.

The first tips about travelling to Bali are health. Be sure you have good travel insurance in place, you can visit website and pay for your insurance online. This just ensures you get the best possible care while visiting this magnificent tropical island.

The most common problem for visitors to the area is a tummy disorder that has been called the “Bali Belly”, this is often caused by drinking contaminated water, so always drink bottled water and get medication from the pharmacy if you notice you are unwell.

Have your malaria injection prior to departure as this is an area which suffers from this problem and keep a watchful eye on dogs in the area, rabies is popular in the area as well. Dogs with rabies will be vicious and often foam at the mouth; you will find information on rabies on a users website, just so you know what to watch out for.

Bear in mind you are travelling to a tropical island, so expect lots of sunshine, so stock up on the sun cream to protect yourself from skin cancer and severe burns.
When to Go

If you are planning a holiday to Bali you don’t want to visit during monsoon season, while still warm it’s exceptionally unpleasant. Being a tropical island, Bali has two seasons monsoon and nice. You want to go anytime from May to September, thereby avoiding the unwelcome monsoon season all together.

There is always a full podcast you can get to keep you up to date on the weather during your holiday so you can plan activities accordingly.
Driving in Bali

Once you arrive and make your way to the hotel, you may decide to rent a car or motorcycle to get you around during your stay. Driving in Bali is like top wrinkle creams, you need to plan ahead to ensure that you get the best results.

It’s important to have an international driving license, don’t be surprised if the people you hire a car or motorcycle don’t even bother checking it but police can pull you over at any time demanding you produce the documentation required. These police can look like a great dane and you a small dog if you don’t have the required papers.

Motorcycles are preferred methods of transport in Bali; they get you around easily without having to manage heavy traffic. Searching for rentals in Bali is easy on the internet the same way you would search for amazon australia or online mba no gmat. Book your vehicle in advance to avoid disappointment.