Are Asian Cultural Wedding Ceremonies Worth Watching?

With so much diversity in the cultures and traditions around Asia, cultural wedding ceremonies are certainly one of the most stirring attractions that are exclusively found in the region. If you are planning a trip in Asia, it would be a definite treat, and no doubt the smarter choice, to try and catch an Asian wedding ceremony. From India to Malaysia,Thailand and the Philippines, weddings in Asia are sure to entertain and enthrall those who are ardently passionate about Asian cultures and traditions.

We begin our quick tour of the cultural wedding ceremonies in Asia by taking a look at a Japanese wedding. In the West, we are used to seeing brides walk down the isle wearing a white gown so much so that we think it’s as intrinsic to weddings itself as cellulite removal is to being lean. In Japan, however, many your brides will opt to wear a silk kimono with intricately embroidered purple iris flowers. The Japanese believe that purple – not red – is the color of love. Hence, it is a color that predominate many Japanese cultural weddings.

In India, many cultural weddings can last for days and only the last day will the groom and bride get to see each other. It is a common believe in Hindu culture that allowing the groom and bride to see each other before the wedding invites bad luck. There is also a priceless moment in some cultural Indian weddings – akin to loose diamonds in the rough – when the bride’s parents show their approval of the union by washing the couple’s feet with milk. As part of this purification ritual, the couple will also be made to hold rice and oats in their hands as an invitation for wealth and riches.

In Indonesia, weddings are typically attended to by more than 1,000 guests. The spectacle is a mini festival in itself culminating in the bride and groom greeting a long line of well-wishers. The process can oftentimes last for hours so much so that newlyweds essentially do not need any somanabolic muscle maximizer to help them be fit.

In the Philippines, old wedding traditions specify that weddings such last for 3 days. The elaborate plan can very well require a small business loan just to be realized. During the whole 3-days, ceremonies are held every day until the last day when the formal wedding is done. Because of its high-profile nature, it is also not uncommon to have many guests come into the wedding. In more modern versions, the whole barangay may even be invited to honor the new couple.

Weddings in Asia are fun because of the abundance of cultural traditions that give weddings its color and appeal. It is a festival that is well worth watching, and a certainly a spectacle that is worth experiencing at least once in your life if you ever travel frequently to Asia. With its unique allure and quintessentially Eastern charm, not to mention the typically drawn out weddings celebrated by thousands of people, weddings are crowning jewels of cultural celebrations in Asia and well worth watching by people who like to experience something culturally new and inviting.