Must See Bollywood Films

People all over the world are crazy about Bollywood films. They love to watch those films and talk about those films. As the students of business studies group are always in search of the best online MBA programs for quality education; the movie lovers are also in search of the best Bollywood films for quality entertainment. As there is countless number of good flats to rent in Cape Town; there is also countless number of good films made in Bollywood. But there are some of them that have touched the hearts of hundreds and thousands of audience around the world. If you have missed one of them, then you have missed something really great. So, if you love movies, you need to see those.

Some of the must see Bollywood films are listed below:

The first one in our list is ‘Devdas’ (1955). As there is no dearth of reasons for getting admitted into business management degree program; there is also no dearth of reasons for watching the films. Though there is a newer version of this film, the 1955 version is the best. The first reason is the stars of these films. One of the most famous superstars of earlier generation in Bollywood film industry is casted in this film. He is Dilip Kumar. Secondly, the story is based on a novel written by one of the most famous novelist of Bengali Literature, Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. This is a tragic tale of love which also pens a picture of the society and its customs and problems. It presents a wonderful picture of the complexity of human relationships. As there is no scarcity of institutions for engineering degree online; there is also no scarcity of wonderful dialogues that will touch your heart.

The second film in our list is ‘Mother India’ (1957). As there are a lot of academic institutions for executive MBA; there are also a lot of films that are made to pay tribute to the women of India. This is an epic movie that got a nomination at the Oscars in the category for Best Foreign Film. Nargis played the role of a mother here. At the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, she won the Best actress award for her role in this film. As you should not forget to get dog collars for your dogs; you also should not forget to watch this movie.

The third film of our list is ‘Guide’ (1965) which is based on R.K Narayan’s famous novel ‘The Guide’. Evergreen Dev Anand and sweet girl Waheeda Rahman played the role of the major characters in this film. As the students can go for AACSB online MBA for better education; you can also watch this movie for full on entertainment. As there is no dearth of MBA online course; there is also no dearth of twist and turns in the story that will make you spellbound.

So, these are some of the well-loved films of Bollywood. As Κατασκευή E-Shop can do a lot of your works; these films can tell you a lot about twist and turns of the tragic human life. As you buy the best quality used boats for a safe ride; you should watch this movie for an enlightening ride in the boat of life.