Bollywood – Popular Cities in Films

In recent years, the explosion of movies coming from Bollywood have raised greater awareness about the existence and prolific nature, not to mention the competence, of the Indian cinema culture in weaving tales that evoke the deepest of responses from audiences. Set against the backdrop of majestic India and all its cultural diversity, Indian cities are coming into the world’s light borne on the wings of these successful Indian movies. As a form of “export”, these movies are driving the remodeling estimates for economic growth in India as the world becomes more exposed to Indian cities, their potential for growth, their need for support, and the overall draw of these cities in the context of bringing economic growth to a nation of more than 1 billion people.

Among the most common foreign Bollywood exports in the last decade are the movies 3 Idiots (2009), My Name is Khan (2010), Dabangg (2010), Chak de India (2007), and Ghajini (2008) among others. A common theme among these movies is that they are all shot in famous Indian cities most notably Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. These cities also serve as the cultural and economic hub of India, plush with serviced offices that allow Indian economics and other industries to function. These hubs of film creativity, the arts, and many others represent the wow gold of the Indian nation.

New Delhi. New Delhi is the official capital city of India, the seat of government and home to various cultural attractions as well as a booming and growing economy that is fueling growth all over the country. Well past the time of being successful through a car dealership, New Delhi is beginning its transformation as world power attracting multinational corporations into the country by offering a thriving market for business, a competent workforce, and business-friendly policies. Where before, finding Mexican blankets in the Indian capital is a lost cause, today there are many businesses that have served to push the international reputation of New Delhi as an emerging economic power.

Mumbai. Where New Delhi is the political and economic center of India, Mumbai plays host to the commercial and entertainment centers of the country. Bollywood is predominantly based in Mumbai with many of the movies released exploring the stark contrast between the rich and the poor in this thriving and bustling metropolis. Mumbai is home to approximately 20.5 million people which makes daily existence for the poor more than just a roundup at the pull up bar. This is rife with plotlines for successful movies which is why Mumbai almost always begets the most interesting portrayals of Indian culture in the context of exploring how human relationships are driven, affected, and grown despite the challenges of everyday living. Consequently, this is a country that is home to a variety of other occupations including car accident lawyers, movie effects studios and the likes increasing the diversity and complexity of this Indian hotbed for creativity and the arts.

Bangalore. The third common location of many Bollywood films is Bangalore, otherwise known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore’s economic growth is fueled by its richness of professionals who are competent in their respective fields thereby driving innovation and attracting foreign investors. Company ratings show Bangalore as a consistent ideal destination for doing business. Companies such as web design Leeds are equally tempted to relocate a portion of their business here because of the competitive perks that it offers. As depicted in the movies, this plot is perfect for one that talks about ambition, hardwork and success.

In many Bollywood movies, it boils down to which plotlines are appropriate to which cities. It’s as if there are Bollywood auction sites that predetermine how a movie plays out based on its location. Thus far, this diversity has created a brilliant slew of Bollywood movies that are taking the world by storm and teaching valuable lessons and insight into life, success, pride, family and many others. Obviously, any discussion of these elements would ultimately circle back to Slumdog Millionaire, that great Indian movie that recently won Best Picture in the Academy Awards and continues to be a stirring testament to India’s proficiency in film.

And as expected, India will only continue to make reputable films that will be highly recognized in many countries all over the world. Set in the backdrop of these three among many amazing Indian cities, the stories will just rightfully unfold teaching the world more. And that can only be better for everyone!