Why bollywood attracts so many people

India is ever so famous for so many different things worldwide. Its culinary delights are often talked about in numerous cooking shows, its growing automobiles industry is the talk of the economic world these days. In fact, the country is even gaining some popularity for its neonatal nurse practitioner schools! Coming to another point of view, India is also ever so famous for its rich cultural background as well as the different forms of art that are practiced n the country. The country has a great number of artists who produce quality entertainment not only for the locals but for the rest of the world as well. Let me take you on a journey to the famous Indian film industry; Bollywood. This post will show you what the factors are that attract the huge number of audience to this industry from all over the world.

Bollywood generally makes movies that are ever so colorful. You see color in every aspect of life. This is primarily the reason why you will see a person suffering from severe back pain walk happily out of a cinema after watching an Indian movie; they help spread joy and happiness just like the organization Six Months Smile Glasgow!

Bollywood produces movies that take their viewers to a fantasy land where there are no hardships or miseries. Even the saddest of movies made in Bollywood end up happily; sad endings are very rare. The question that arises then is why is it that at times, people who don’t even understand the language watch these movies? Well, the answer is simple. The facial expressions and the body language of certain actors are such that they need no words to communicate with the audience. A person worried about a US Fast Cash loan payment can go to a cinema and enjoy Johnny Lever’s comedy acts without having to understand a word of what the actor says!

Another thing that Bollywood is famous for may not be good auto insurance quotes, however, the industry does provide you with a very wide range of songs for almost all occasions! Bollywood makes use of the various different types of music forms that are present in the country. The diverse forms of music available adds diversity to the overall music entertainment that is provided by this industry. You will get to hear songs in a number of languages with several different instruments being used in the creation of the music.

Finally, Bollywood manages to make something for everyone. You could be a doctor, a banker or a car accident lawyer and still manage to find something for your tastes and liking’s. This industry generally works in such a way. This is perhaps the factor that makes this industry ever so popular within all sorts of people from all backgrounds.

Bollywood has certainly played a crucial role in bringing India to the front page of countless magazines. The factors listed above and many more contribute to its success and the fame that it gets just keeps growing.
The most famous Bollywood stars of all time

Bollywood is a name that does not go unrecognized over the globe. The industry has been a huge platform that provides entertainment to millions of people worldwide. Many people feel that their lives would be less than complete if bollywood was not there. However, it is essential to understand that an industry is made what it is because of the people who are involved with it. Therefore, this post talks about some Bollywood actors that can be termed the most popular and famous bollywood stars of all time.

Dilip Kumar is a name that many people have heard even if they haven’t really seen any of his movies. This is because of the fact that the man is a legend